DWCA Book Club #2 – In the Blood

After discussing short story collection The Legends of Ashildr at our last meeting, the DWCA Book Club has selected its first full-length novel – In the Blood.

in-the-blood book

In the Blood is a newly released book by Jenny T Colgan, one of the four authors of Ashildr. Featuring the popular pairing of the Tenth Doctor and Donna, the text sees the human race driven mad by social media – which is not so far removed from real life if you ask me!

The club will be reading the book over the next two months, with the final discussion set to take place at our Newtown Tavern night on Friday 5 August. Optional, spoiler-free discussion will take place on Friday 1 July, to cater for those who may not have finished reading the book.

The club will also be accepting written reviews of this book and The Legends of Ashildr, the best of which will be published in our magazine, Data Extract. If you’d like to share your review with us, please send it to fsq@doctorwhoaustralia.org.

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