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What are Local Groups?
What do Local Groups do?
Is there a Local Group near me?
Where do Local Groups meet?
I don’t have a TARDIS, what can I do?
Can I start my own Local Group?
When were Local Groups established?
Why were Local Groups established?
How are Local Groups structured?


What are Local Groups?

A local group is a small group of Doctor Who fans, who may or may not be members of the DWCA. The local group holds meetings, usually on a monthly basis, and usually at someone’s house or other location, and are not usually run in a formal manner (as in there is no specific leader of the group). Attendees do not have to be a member of the DWCA, but it is encouraged that they become one.

What do Local Groups do?

Local groups do many things, from in depth discussion about the universe of Doctor Who, to New Year’s Eve parties and other gatherings where Doctor Who may not be the focus of the event. What is done is not regulated, but you can guarantee that you will have a fun time.

Is there a Local Group in your area?

There are currently seven DWCA Local Groups around the country.

They are in Bathurst, Brisbane, Canberra, Central Coast, Melbourne, Sydney and Toowoomba.
Click on any of these links to check out the Local Group that is closest to you, or contact The Local Group Manager at the DWCA if you would like to start a Local Group in your area.

Where do Local Groups meet?

Local group meetings are held at many different venues. Some are held at people’s houses, which can change at each meeting, while others have a usual meeting place, such as the Brisbane group, who meet at Brisbane Square Library every 2nd month. For more information about where your closest local group will be meeting next, please contact The Local Group Manager, or follow the links to your closest Local Group site.

I can’t get to a Local Group meeting as I don’t have a TARDIS, what can I do?

People at your local group are a friendly bunch. If you live near someone else, or on/near someone’s route to get to a local group meeting, then a lift may be arranged. If you can get public transport to either the nearest bus stop, train station or tram stop, then it is very likely that a lift can be waiting for you. Just contact the person who will be hosting the meeting (you will find their details on the dedicated page for that group), and they should be able to arrange for you to get there.

How do I start a Local Group in my area?

To apply to start a Local Group, please contact The Local Group Manager. We’ll give you all the info you need to start you off and help you each step of the way.

When were Local Groups first established, and why?

In early 2001, a local group was set up in Sydney in an attempt to rekindle the spirit which once made Doctor Who fandom such an enjoyable community to be involved in.

How are Local Groups structured?

The local groups are not clubs, as such, and there are no specific joining fees – being a member of the DWCA is desirable, but not ultimately necessary. Basically they are collective groups of fans from a local area, decisions are made by everyone through discussion – no one has any more say than anyone else and everyone has their say.

However, there are appointed co-ordinators, people who have donated their time to make sure that things run smoothly and to maintain the mailing lists for the various groups. Please show them due respect and help them as much as possible (people who behave inappropriately on the mailing list will be asked to leave, and if antisocial behaviour persists action will be taken).

It is the DWCA’s hope that the creation and continued existence of these groups will help Doctor Who fandom survive in Australia.

My question hasn’t been answered?

Please contact the Local Group Manager and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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