Data Extract Double Issue – 250/251 Coming Soon

The milestone celebration for Data Extract 250 will now be even bigger, consisting of a double issue, combined with 251, due to go out to members as soon as lockdown restrictions are eased in NSW, Australia. This bumper issue will be jam packed with a unique swag of exciting content, including:

News – a look at recent announcements and events relating to the Whoniverse
Regional Transmissions – checking in to see what local groups have been up to during lockdown
Timeline – a decade by decade look at Doctor Who in Australia from the 1960s to the 2010s
Katy Manning interview – an exclusive interview with club patron Katy Manning on her long connection to Australia
Remembering Louise Pajo – the actress who portrayed Gia Kelly in Seeds of Death reflects on her life in her final days; a tribute to a great actress and wonderful person, provided in her own words
In Memoriam – paying tribute to those recently lost to the Doctor Who community
Extracting Data Part Two – Dallas Jones concludes his reflections on the history of firsts seen in Data Extract
The Future Library – an exclusive interview with Scottish artist Katie Paterson and her Future Library project, making science fiction real
Becoming a fan – DE founder Dallas Jones reflects on how he first became a Doctor Who fan
The League of Extraordinary Companions – Craig Land’s epic comic script is brought to life by artists Steve Panozzo, Manuel Bouw, David Blewer, Jason Towers, Tessa Corrigan and River Tran
Old Sixie and the Bridge of Doom – the true story of how Colin Baker climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge is brought to life with stunning art by Jason Towers
Lethbridge-Stewart and the War of Time – a new story exploring the Brigadier’s exploits during the Time War
A Fracture in Time – behind the scenes of the Doctor Who experience Time Fracture with UK correspondent Bel Bailey-Melouney
God is a Woman – a new article from Dom Kelly on the legacy of Jodie Whittaker
Junkyard – a look at recent fan opinions on the ever expanding Whoniverse
Countdown – Tim Darby counts down the top five Gallifrey stories

Remember that Data Extract is for DWCA members only, so please ensure your membership is up to date so you don’t miss out on this very special publication.

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