Data Extract 255

It’s here! Data Extract issue 255 was sent out to members at the end of March. Go behind the scenes on a cosplay photoshoot, visit the UK’s Worlds of Wonder exhibition, plus a timeline of Doctor Who in Australia in the 1990s, counting down the Thirteenth Doctor’s greatest hits, and much more!


This is the second release for 2023, following on from issue 254 in January, which found us looking into the Ian and Barbara relationship, concluding the Brigadier’s Time War adventures, detailing Australian fandom in the 1980s in a comprehensive timeline, visiting the Doctor’s neighbor at 78 Totters Lane and checking in on the Boffin!

Both 2023 issues are available now from the Doctor Who Club of Australia! With lots of exciting publications due out this year to celebrate the 60th anniversary make sure your membership is up to date so you don’t miss out!

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