Torchwood 5.2 The Green Life

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A Full Cast Audio Adventure on a single CD, starring John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness and Katy Manning as Jo Jones (nee Grant).

Years after she parted company with the Doctor, Jo returns to Llanfairfach to find the old mining town transformed into a thriving economy built on green technology. But when an encounter with a mysterious man leads her down the old mine shaft she discovers that beneath the town’s bright exterior lies a hive of wriggling pests – GIANT MAGGOTS! Torchwood’s Welsh setting makes it a natural fit for a sequel to iconic Third Doctor story The Green Death, and this script sees beloved characters from different eras collide. With the joyful optimism of Jo counterbalanced with Jack’s rather harsher outlook on life, the two have the makings of a great double act. AND THERE ARE MAGGOTS IN IT!

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