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In order to escape an attack in space, the TARDIS makes an unscheduled landing deep inside the London Underground. Here the travellers soon find themselves engulfed in a terrifying battle against a deadly enemy set to invade the Earth: the Great Intelligence and its terrifying robot servants, the Yeti. As menace spreads and the Doctor first meets his most enduring friend Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, it becomes clear that the Intelligence's goal is not just possession of Earth, but also the time traveller's mind...

This release includes all surviving episodes, plus a brand new fully animated black and white reconstruction of the missing third episode created from the surviving audio-only recordings.

All 5 existing episodes
Animated missing episode (black & white)
Animated missing episode (colour)
Audio commentaries on all episodes
Episode 3 Telesnap Reconstruction
Photo Gallery
'Making Of documentary
'Making the Animation'
The Web of Fear Trailer
The Missing Years documentary (previously released on DVD)

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