Torchwood #46: Coffee

Baps has long been the best (and only) café in Cardiff Bay. But something’s coming to the Bay – will it be posh coffee or aliens?David thinks that Cardiff’s under a curse, ever since his Mum went missing. One day, a young man called Ianto Jones walks into David’s café. He’s looking for something. Will he help David learn what’s really going on in the city?

This release contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners.


Strange things can be found on the streets of 1950s Soho: gangsters, alien artefacts, and a 21st century Welsh police officer are just the start of it... The comedic combination that made previous Torchwood adventure Ghost Mission a delight are reunited – Sergeant Andy playing the down-to-earth straight man opposite the morally ambiguous and camp-as-Christmas Norton. Writer James Goss has hit on the canny idea of inverting the premise of the previous Andy/Norton tale, bringing Andy to the ‘50s to act as Norton’s assessor. With Andy as a temporal fish out of water, this one has a flavour of ‘Torchwood does Life on Mars’.

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