Torchwood #43: The Three Monkeys

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Andy Davidson's been ordered to watch over a local businessman. Everything's always gone right for him, and Andy’s long wondered why.

Owen joins him on the stakeout. He knows something – the businessman's attracted Torchwood’s attention, and tonight, the two of them are going to take him down. But will luck be on their side?

This release contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners.

When a spaceship crashes outside Cardiff, both Suzie Costello and Margaret Blaine see a golden opportunity for themselves – and each is willing to kill the other in order to get what they want. But when an alien device ties them together, they will have to set aside their competing interests in order to escape from the police, Torchwood, and the warp missiles that threaten to destroy half the planet... Pairing Suzie with Margaret is an inspired move – both characters are authority figures with their own secret agenda and both have complex relationships with their respective families. Writer Lisa McMullin (UNIT: Tempest) should provide a memorable adventure for this unlikely duo.

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