The War Master: Rage of the Time Lords

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The War Master (Derek Jacobi) has a new scheme up his sleeve, and this time the Doctor (Paul McGann) might not be able to stop him...

The War Master fashions the pieces needed for his devilish plan over the course of four adventures, casting his malevolent influence over a rural British community in World War II, a 19th century American freakshow and a high-tech scientific facility on an unforgiving world before the Doctor poses a final challenge... The big pull of this release lies in bringing the Doctor and the Master together during the Time War. Penned by veteran Time War writers Tim Foley (Gallifrey: Time War 1) and David Llewellyn (The War Doctor: Agents of Chaos), this 5 disc set takes the opportunity to look at the Doctor/Master relationship under a different lens and show how each of them has changed in the face of the conflict.

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