Join us in Making a Movie

The TARDIS of UNSW was a warmly received fan filmed produced in 2019 by UNSW’s DocSoc student group, part of a long tradition of fans telling their own Doctor Who stories. The DWCA’s last such production was well over a generation ago and now a new team of film makers are looking to throw their hats into the ring. The project is being masterminded by Thomas Walder (DocSoc) and Roger Reynolds (DWCA), and they’re on the lookout for script / plot ideas, actors, gaffers, costume designers, camera operators, sound engineers, make-up artists, and anyone else who can help out. As the COVID-19 pandemic has us all physically separated at the moment, the project is in its early stages and they’re keen to hear from people committed to help with making this project a reality once this lockdown runs its course. If you’d like to be part of the dream and maybe pick up a new skill, please read the Film Project guidelines, Here, and then contact Thomas and Roger at to let them know your ideas and how you’d like to contribute.

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