DWCA Publications present The Adventures of Eleanor Chaplette – Trash Island

Out now from DWCA Publications is the first novel in the new book series following Eleanor Chaplette, the Eleventh Doctor’s companion from the pages of Data Extract. Eleanor’s adventures continue in an all new novel by Dom Kelly. This follows Zerinza Volume 4, which collected all the Eleanor stories from Data Extract. If you are interested in getting a print copy of these or any other DWCA Publications, you can purchase them at any time through the club’s online store here. So what is Trash Island all about…?

Eleanor Chaplette: survivor of the massacre of the Paris Commune, 1871. With the help of a mystical race of Phoenixes, she traverses time, saving innocent people on the margins of history from their brutal, cruel fates. She doesn’t change history; she just edits the smallest of details.

But now history has gone wrong.

Spain, the early 19th century: Mansel Dominguez y Luna, an abbot frustrated at his countrymen falling for ideas of progress and liberty, takes on the most important mission of his life.

Australia, the late 19th century: Rena Wenck, daughter of an eccentric salvage operator, sails to investigate the mysterious, impossible appearance of an entirely new island off the coast of Sydney.

The future: the Earth is dead, wrapped in plastic.

Somehow, these disparate events are linked. Someone is rewriting history, and if Eleanor doesn’t stop it, all of humanity may be swallowed by its ravenous mouth…


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