DWCA Day Event Guest

The DWCA Day Event on Sunday 7 May at Burwood will feature special guest Jonathan Blum!

After starting his writing career by scripting (and starring in) Docto Who fan productions like Time Rift, Jon Blum has gone on to co-author such beloved Doctor Who books as Vampire Science (BBC Books, 1997), Seeing I (BBC Books, 1998) and Unnatural History (BBC Books, 1999), and the novella Fallen Gods (Telos Publishing, 2003 – which won the Aurealis Award for Best Australian Science Fiction Novel), all co-written with his wife Kate Orman. He also provided various story and scene inputs into Orman’s solo novels Return of the Living Dad (Virgin Books, 1996), The Room with No Doors (Virgin Books, 1997), The Year of Intelligent Tigers (BBC Books, 2001) and Blue Box (BBC Books, 2003).

Blum’s solo works include the short story Model Train Set (BBC Short Trips, 1998), audio The Fearmonger (Big Finish, 2000), as well as short stories for Big Finish’s short story collections, for the Doctor Who, Bernice Summerfield and Iris Wildthyme ranges. He wrote the initial drafts for the audio Zygon (BBV, 2007). With Rupert Booth he co-wrote The Prisoners Dilemma (2005), based on Patrick McGoohan’s series The Prisoner. He also co-wrote the Blake’s 7 novel Mediasphere (Big Finish, 2015), with Kate Orman. He has even written for DWCA publication Data Extract! Currently he is working on a writing project for Candy Jar Books.

He will talk about all things writing at his DWCA Day Event appearance, so make sure you come along!

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