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As you may have noticed, the DWCA website has been going through some radical changes - and continues to do so. It has been a huge project, spearheaded and almost entirely carried out by the wonderful Katharine Fowler. Some of you may have some inkling of how many hours go into building a detailed web project, which will eventually include blogs, shops, forums and more. But to everyone else, take your best guess, then triple it. And then complete those hours in the evenings after another full time job. 

The sheer scale of the work being completed means this will be a gradual process over the next few weeks and months, so we ask you to bear with us. We promise the results will be worth it. Eventually, the club will be rewarded with the digital foundations on which the next few years will be built with far more benefits for all fans, wherever in Australia you may be.

And part of that digital future will mean more news and regular updates right here in the DWCA blog. Club announcements, important Doctor Who news and other bits and pieces will eventually happen here. Suddenly you won't have to wait for the next issue of Data Extract to find out what the club is up to.

While the website is still coalescing, these updates may be a little more erratic. We're not about to replace any of the other popular Doctor Who news blogs out there anytime soon. But gradually, we hope that will change.

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