Ice Warriors Missing Episodes to be Animated

Last weekend, Dan Hall, Managing Director of Pup Ltd who produce the Doctor Who DVD range, hinted at Whovention that an announcement would be made very soon regarding the DVD release of The Ice Warriors and how the two missing episodes would be handled. And last night the news appeared on the website that, as expected, animation will be used to bring the existing soundtracks to life.

What wasn't known, or easily predicted, was who would be handling the animation. London-based animation team Qurios have been commissioned to recreate these two classic Patrick Troughton episodes and have released a short clip of work in progress.

Hall had discussed with fans at Whovention that the budget for each DVD would only allow for the animation of two episodes per release, so we won't see a restored Daleks Master Plan or Celestial Toymaker any time soon. However, it does create speculation about other titles yet to be announced that may therefore be in line for restoration at a later date. Of course, speculation is just that and Hall won't be drawn on any future releases at this stage.

This news comes very quickly after the announcement two weeks ago of the animation of The Tenth Planet episode 4, which is currently being produced by Central Coast animation team Planet 55. Austen Atkinson and his team premiered exclusive clips from the animation of William Hartnell's final episode at Whovention to incredible applause. Planet 55 was also behind the recent animation of The Reign of Terror and it is interesting to see how both animation studios have adopted different styles and approaches to achieve the best result on a tight budget.