DWCA Merchandise available at UNSW’s O-Week

Starting from the 19th of February is O-Week at the University of New South Wales. For all those people attending UNSW, there will be DWCA merchandise available for sale. This will be from the DocSoc stall in the quad on the Kensington campus. DocSoc – UNSW’s Doctor Who Society, is a meeting place for all fans of Doctor Who at UNSW! Merchandise will include sonic screwdrivers, diaries, graphic novels and Pop! Vinyls! In addition a life sized Dalek will be on display near the stall for people to take photos with! There will be lots of other activities going on … Continue reading

A Timeline of the Capaldi Era

The last battle has been won, the final speeches have been spoken and the dust has begun to settle on the Peter Capaldi era. The Twice Upon A Time DVD and Twice Upon A Time Blu-ray are available from the DWCA Shop now, so we thought we would take a look back at the milestones of the Twelfth Doctor’s era, as well as all the nods to the Doctor’s Australian fans, both on and off screen. The Reveal On 4 August 2013, Peter Capaldi was unveiled to the world as the actor who would play the Twelfth Doctor.  Peter was given … Continue reading

Twice Upon a Time Available Now From The DWCA Shop!

The 2017 Christmas Special and Twelfth Doctor’s swansong, Twice Upon a Time, is now available from the DWCA Shop on Blu-ray and DVD! This very special Christmas story features two Doctors, a woman made of glass, a displaced WWI solider, the return of old friends and more! Both editions of the release are packed full of extras celebrating the end of Peter Capaldi’s – and Steven Moffat’s – time on Doctor Who, including Doctor Who Extra, The End of an Era and footage from the Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic-Con. The Twice Upon a Time DVD and Blu-ray … Continue reading

DWCA Book Club April – Torchwood: World Without End

The DWCA Book Club is venturing into Doctor Who spin-off territory with its next title – the first in a new range of graphic novels for a series that, like its lead character, has a tendency to come back from the dead. Written by John Barrowman himself alongside his sister Carole, Torchwood: World Without End sees Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper attempt to rebuild Torchwood Cardiff from the ground up. But after suffering an attack by extra-dimensional shock troopers, and with a deadly rift bleeding through into their own reality, time itself could be destroyed if the new Torchwood … Continue reading

10 Things We Love About the New Shada

We caught Shada at the cinemas late last year and we loved it. The Shada DVD and Shada Blu-ray are available from the DWCA Shop now, so we thought we would take a look at what makes the new version of the Douglas Adams classic so great. 1. The Animation The task of bringing Shada’s missing scenes to life fell to Charles Norton, who had previously helmed the animated reconstruction of Power of the Daleks in 2016. Anyone who has seen both Power and Shada can attest that Norton and his team of animators are going from strength to strength … Continue reading

Data Extract News Editor wanted

Data Extract, the official magazine of the Doctor Who Club of Australia, is seeking a volunteer to join our friendly team of columnists as a News Editor! The News Editor is responsible for delivering a news column for four issues of Data Extract a year, covering all the latest updates in the worlds of Doctor Who. They may also, pending discussions, be responsible for writing and uploading timely news updates to the DWCA website, as well as sharing these updates on Facebook. If you love Doctor Who, and are a keen or aspiring writer, please don’t hesitate to send an … Continue reading

RIP David Fisher

The DWCA is sad to report on the passing of writer David Fisher. David wrote four Doctor Who stories, all of which featured the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker. His first contribution to the series was in 1978, when he wrote two stories in the Key to Time season. These were The Stones of Blood and The Androids of Tara. In 1979 he returned to the show and wrote The Creature from the Pit. He was also working on a story called A Gamble with Time, but for personal reasons, had to hand it over to script editor Douglas Adams to … Continue reading

Shada – Available Now From The DWCA Shop!

Fresh from its stint in cinemas, legendary ‘lost story’ Shada is now available from the DWCA Shop on Blu-ray and DVD! Both editions of the classic Fourth Doctor adventure are packed full of extras, and the Blu-ray edition boasts an exclusive bonus disc of special features along with shiny HD visuals. The Shada DVD and Shada Blu-ray are available to order online now. You can even save on shipping by picking up a copy at this Saturday’s event with Katy Manning and Adam Richard in Burwood, Sydney – simply email us at shop@doctorwhoaustralia.org to secure your copy.   Don’t forget … Continue reading

Adam Richard joins Look Who’s Talking!

The DWCA is pleased to announce that Whovians panellist Adam Richard will be joining Third Doctor companion actor Katy Manning at the club’s upcoming Look Who’s Talking event, to be held on 13 January at Burwood Library, Sydney. Adam has become a good friend to the DWCA over the past couple of months, attending events in both Sydney and Newcastle in the latter part of 2017. We look forward to chatting with him about the Whovians Christmas special, and how hard it was keeping the Twelfth Doctor’s final story under wraps! Adam will be joining Katy in photograph and autograph … Continue reading

DWCA Book Club February – Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks

With Twice Upon a Time having re-introduced us to the Doctor’s original incarnation, the DWCA Book Club is celebrating First Doctor Fever with our next text: Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks. Also known as Doctor Who and the Daleks, this novel by David Whitaker was the first Doctor Who novelisation and, indeed, the first Doctor Who novel of any kind. It is based on the Daleks’ debut television appearance, with additional material based on An Unearthly Child – the first ever episode of the programme. The book has been republished several times since its first edition … Continue reading