Official Spoiler Policy

The official DWCA spoiler policy, for both members and the club itself, can be found below. Please be aware of this policy when browsing the DWCA website, social media pages, and publications.

If the BBC announces it, it’s not a spoiler. It’s publicity to get people to watch their shows.
If it’s in a trailer, it’s not a spoiler. Trailers are the entree, designed to whet the appetite, not spoil it.

The DWCA’s job is not to protect its members from official Doctor Who news, our job is to share it.

If you’re worried about spoilers on social media, avoid following Doctor Who pages or Doctor Who hashtags – especially if the episode has not yet been broadcast in your timezone.

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the reader to avoid potential spoilers. But think of all the great content you miss out on, just to avoid any hint of what’s to come.

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