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The Doctors Are In

From his beginnings as a crotchety, anti-heroic scientist in 1963 to his current place in British pop culture as the mad and dangerous monster-fighting saviour of the universe, the titular character of Doctor Who has metamorphosed in his 50 years on television. And yet the questions about him remain the same: Who is he? Why does he act the way he does? What motivates him to fight evil across space and time?

The Doctors Are In is a guide to television’s most beloved time traveller. This is a guide to the Doctor himself — who he is in his myriad forms, how he came to be, how he has changed (within the program itself and behind the scenes) … and why he’s a hero to millions.

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Time Unincorporated Vol 2

A collection of over 70 essays covering every era of the classic series of Doctor Who. Edited by Graeme Burk and Robert Smith?, the collection features pieces from Matt Jones (The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit), Simon Guerrier (The Slitheen Excursion) and many more!

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