DWCA Book Club October – Blake’s 7: Mediasphere

The DWCA Book Club is taking a detour away from the Whoniverse for its next meeting, discussing a book set in the world of Doctor Who’s unofficial cousin – cult classic sci-fi series Blake’s 7.

Mediasphere is the eighth in a series of standalone Blake’s 7 novels from Big Finish Productions, written by Australia’s own Jonathan Blum and Kate Orman. The novel focuses on new recruit to the Spaceship Liberator, Dayna, as the crew infiltrate the Mediasphere – a space station which produces propaganda and popular entertainmen for the evil Federation. But who is really controlling the Mediasphere – and scripting a series of deadly encounters for our heroes?

Discussion of the book coincides with the debut of Dayna in the latest Blake’s 7 audio box set from Big Finish, The Spoils of War, with Yasmin Bannerman (Doctor Who: The End of the World) cast in the role in question.

Both Mediasphere and The Spoils of War are available now from the DWCA Online Shop, alongside a whole range of other titles set in the Blake’s 7 universe. Limited copies of Mediasphere will also be available to purchase in person at the club’s upcoming Inner Sydney Tavern, to be held on Friday 1 September. To set aside your copy for collection at the event, contact shop@doctorwhoaustralia.org

Discussion of the book itself will take place at our Book Club meeting on Friday 6 October, as well as on our Facebook page for those who can’t make it.

Book Club #8 – Peter Davison’s Autobiography

Book Number 8 in the DWCA Book Club is Fifth Doctor Peter Davison’s Autobiography. The autobiography is entitled “Is There Life Outside the Box? An Actor Despairs.”


In this autobiography from Fifth Doctor actor Peter Davison, Peter recounts his life and times – from his early days in amateur dramatics to his more recent stint in West End musicals such as Legally Blonde and Gypsy.

Anyone who has listened to a commentary on a Fifth Doctor DVD can attest to Peter Davison’s sharp yet self-deprecating wit. This book offers a candid retrospective on the actor now best known for being David Tennant’s father-in-law.

Davison’s Autobiography is available for sale from the DWCA club shop, here. We will be discussing this book in our book club discussion on the 4th of August. Alternatively, if you can’t make it, we will also be discussing the book online.

DWCA Book Club #7 – Plague City

The seventh book the DWCA Book Club will be reading is Plague City by Jonathan Morris. The books is to feature the 12th Doctor, Bill and Nardole.

The year is 1645, and Edinburgh is in the grip of the worst plague in its history. Nobody knows who will be the next to succumb – nobody except the Night Doctor, a masked figure that stalks the streets, seeking out those who will not live to see another day.

But death is not the end. The Doctor, Bill and Nardole discover that the living are being haunted by the recently departed – by ghosts that do not know they are dead. And there are other creatures lurking in the shadows, slithering, creeping creatures filled with an insatiable hunger.

The Doctor and his friends must face the terrifying secret of the Street of Sorrows – that something which has lain dormant for two hundred million years is due to destroy the entire city…

The book is due for release in Australia on the 1st of May.

The book will be discussed at Level 2, City of Sydney RSL, 565 George Street, Sydney (just a short distance from Town Hall Train Station), on the 2nd of June but if you can’t make it, we will also be discussing the book online as well.