Torchwood 6.3 Dead Man’s Switch

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A Full Cast Audio Adventure on a single CD, starring Murray Melvin as Bilis Manger

Three strangers wake up on a train that's going nowhere. Each of them is in a state of confusion about how they embarked on their unexpected journey. A very polite and attentive gentleman who is also on the train encourages them to recount the story of the last thing each of them remembers. Scriptwriter David Llewellyn (Gallifrey: Time War 3) presents a homage to classic 1970's horror portmanteau films brought to the screens by the likes of Hammer and Amicus. The cast of Timothy Blore (Torchwood: God Among Us Pt 3), Maxine Evans (Gallifrey: Time War 3) and newcomer Mali Ann Rhys are each given their chance to shine as they relate the stories of their characters lives to Murray Melvin, reprising his role as Bilis Manger.

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