The Tenth Planet

The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Ben and Polly to the South Pole in 1986. Their arrival coincides with the appearance of Earth’s forgotten twin planet Mondas and visitors from that world – emotionless beings called Cybermen.

It’s up to the Doctor and his friends to stop these creatures before they convert Earth’s population into similar cyber creations – but the encounter will have a devastating effect on the Doctor...

This two-disc release features an animated fourth episode. Special features include: commentary, behind-the-scenes interviews, episode 4 VHS reconstruction using audio, stills and surviving clips, which featured on the BBC Video VHS release of the story back in 2000, photo gallery, Radio Times listing (PDF), production information subtitles, interviews with William Hartnell and Anneke Wills, a look at the myth of a ‘Golden Age’ of Doctor Who, interviews with male companions Peter Purves, Frazer Hines and Mark Strickson, an examination of what it means to be a Time Lord’s fellow traveller, and archival footage from Blue Peter celebrating Doctor Who's 10th anniversary.

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