#252 An Alien Werewolf in London

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A Seventh Doctor Audio Adventure on a double CD starring Sylvester McCoy, with Jessica Martin as Mags (The Greatest Show in the Galaxy) and Sophie Aldred as Ace.

Answering a summons from Ace, the Doctor brings Mags to London in the early 1990s, and it’s possibly the strangest place she has ever been. Ace wants some help springing an alien captive from a nearby mansion, but the trio soon discover that they may have bitten off more than they can chew... The final tale in the trilogy swaps out the gothic/mythic fantasy in favour of something more urban. Viewing London in the ‘90s (itself now something of an alien world compared to 2019) through the eyes of Mags should make for some novel material. Despite the urban setting there’s still an element of the otherworldly – there isn’t just an alien werewolf in London, but an Australian vampire too!

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