#251 The Moons of Vulpana

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A Seventh Doctor Audio Adventure on a double CD starring Sylvester McCoy, with Jessica Martin as Mags (The Greatest Show in the Galaxy).

With Mags looking for somewhere to belong, the Doctor decides to show her some of her home planet’s history. But the feudal society of the Four Great Wolf Packs is rife with tension, and the travellers soon find themselves caught in the midst of a civil conflict about to turn bloody... It's Doctor Who does Games of Thrones - with werewolves! Visiting Mags’ homeworld and seeing how she reacts to her own history is a great way to explore the character and have her confront her own monstrous nature. With experienced writer Emma Reeves (Torchwood: Forgotten Lives) providing the script, this should be full of good character material and rich world building.

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