The War Master: The Master of Callous

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Derek Jacobi returns to the role of the Master, with Silas Carson once again voicing the Ood. Those caught in the Master’s grasp include Simon Ludders (Broadchurch), Kai Owen (Torchwood) and Angela Bruce (Doctor Who: Battlefield).

A sprawling storyline told across four adventures concerning the Master’s machinations on the troubled mining colony Callous. There’s a place that’s home to surreal horrors, an army of Ood bent to the Master’s will, and a desperate family whose lives will never be the same... Veteran War Master writers James Goss (The Sky Man) and Guy Adams (The Heavenly Paradigm) are back, building a world unfortunate enough to be caught under the Master’s spell. Jacobi’s Master, so seemingly trustworthy but with menace lurking just beneath the surface, should be in his element in this intimate, psychological tragedy told against the cataclysmic backdrop of the Time War.

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