The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 5

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Two Third Doctor adventures in a 5CD boxset, with Katy Manning as Jo Grant and Tim Treloar as Big Finish’s own Third Doctor, featuring John Levene as Sergeant Benton, Jon Culshaw as the Brigadier and Daisy Ashford as Liz Shaw.

A visit from the Doctor and Jo spells infernal trouble for Professor Liz Shaw in Primord, while The Scream of Ghosts sees the Doctor and Benton uncover the alarming connections between a new communications technology and the terrifying sounds emanating from the nearby countryside... Big Finish have now gained the confidence to finally recreate the ‘UNIT family’ in a full-cast drama. Stepping into the beloved characters of Liz and the Brig isn’t to be taken lightly, but the canny casting of the late Caroline John’s daughter as Liz and a gifted mimic and lifelong Doctor Who fan as the Brig should make this a loving tribute to an era that is sadly lacking in surviving original actors. The characters should be well served not only by the cast, but also by acclaimed audio authors John Dorney (credit here) and Guy Adams (The Transcendence of Ephros).

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