10th Dr 3.3 The Creeping Death

David Tennant and Catherine Tate close off their latest trilogy of 10/Donna audio adventures, accompanied by Kieran Bew (Doctor Who: Oxygen), Stephen Critchlow (Red Dwarf) and Theo Stevenson (Humans).

When the TARDIS lands in 1952, the Doctor and Donna find London smothered in a blanket of deadly smog – the worst the city has ever seen. But another menace is on the streets – something sinister and alien... After a comic caper on contemporary Earth and an adventure into the far future, the Doctor and Donna shift gears with this tense character piece set during the events of a real-life historical tragedy. Up-and-coming Big Finish author Roy Gill (UNIT: Invocation) should deliver something chilling, but with a strong sense of heart.

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