10th Dr 3.2 One Mile Down

David Tennant and Catherine Tate continue their adventures as the Doctor and Donna. Joining them are the likes of Rakie Ayola (No Offence) and Robert Whitelock (Marcella), with Nicholas Briggs as the Judoon.

The holiday spot of Vallarasee has changed since the Doctor last visited it. The underwater city is now encased in a dome to better cater for tourists and the water-breathing natives have to adapt, while historic sites are patrolled by Judoon. But cracks are starting to form in the underwater paradise – and when you’re underwater, cracks can lead to floods... Experienced Tenth Doctor scribe Jenny T Colgan (Time Reaver) plonks the Doctor and Donna into an action-packed disaster movie. There’s plenty going on besides the threat of flooding too, with themes of exploitative tourism and a different take on the Judoon.

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