The Lives of Captain Jack Volume 2

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In this 3CD set, Captain Jack (John Barrowman) dons the fabulous coat of the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) and takes former newsreader Trinity Wells (Lachele Carl) for a spin.

A trio of untold tales starring the tenacious ex-Time Agent, with a haunting character piece set in the First World War, a contemporary thriller fuelled by the paranoia of news media, and a camp space opera that sees Jack assume control of the TARDIS...! Jack must be one of the most versatile characters in the Whoniverse, seemingly at home in almost any type of story. Having both contributed to the first volume of the series, writers James Goss (Wednesdays for Beginners) and Guy Adams (The Year After I Died) both have proven form for writing the character, and this set should show the vortex-hopping former conman at his dashing, tragic, cheeky best.

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