The First Doctor Adventures Volume 3

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Two First Doctor audio adventures in a 5CD boxset, starring the cast of An Adventure in Space and Time – David Bradley as the First Doctor, Claudia Grant as Susan, Jemma Powell as Barbara and Jamie Glover as Ian. Also featuring a special guest performance from Carole Ann Ford – best known as the original Susan!

The travellers find themselves entangled in a historical dilemma of the ancient world in Marc Platt’s The Phoenecians, while Tick-Tock World by Guy Adams sees the travellers marooned in a sideways dimension outside space and time, watched over by a mysterious woman... The two four-part adventures in this set continue the great traditions of the early era of the programme, with a richly drawn historical followed by an imaginative science-fiction tale. Platt’s script should play to his strengths in world building and mythology, while the true nature of Carole Ann Ford’s character and her relationship to the TARDIS crew should add plenty of intrigue to the second half of the set.

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