Tales From New Earth

A new spin-off sequel to the TV episodes The End of the World, New Earth and Gridlock, this 5CD box set stars Kieron Hodgson as lowly city-dweller Devon Pryce, Anna Hope as Senator (previously Novice) Hame, Yasmin Bannerman as Sapling Vale (a cutting from Jabe from The End of the World) and Adjoah Andoh as Sister Jara (the sibling of Jatt, from New Earth).

Four narrated adventures set in the far-future world of New Earth, home of new humans, cat-people, sentient trees and plenty of other weird and wonderful creatures! Senator Hame has a society to rebuild, and she’s going to need Devon’s help to do it, but soon the unlikely pair uncover a conspiracy that threatens the whole planet. New Earth needs a hero, and they might have just arrived in a Police Box... Made with the blessing of Russell T Davies himself, this series expands on the colourful and vibrant world of New Earth, mixing the political intrigue of the New New York senate with the urban grit of the slum-like Under City and the thrilling adventure of the forests, deserts and skies of the planet that so many species call home.

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