Missy Series 1

The inimitable Michelle Gomez returns to the character of Missy in this 5CD boxset, with Rufus Hound as fellow renegade Time Lord, the Meddling Monk!

Four adventures following Missy’s evil escapades as she works towards the fruition of her fiendish master plan (or should that be missy plan?). There’s a Mary Poppins pastiche, a royal rivalry in Tudor times, a crime story with Missy on the side of the law and a finale where Missy’s devilish schemes could all go horribly right... Hot on the heels of her audio debut alongside River Song, Missy stars in her own series, exploring what she gets up to away from the Doctor’s guiding influence. Big Finish have brought in four of their finest writing talents – Roy Gill (UNIT: Open The Box), John Dorney (Infamy of the Zaross), Nev Fountain (The Widow’s Assassin) and Jonathan Morris (The Auntie Matter) – to capture all the mischief, mayhem and malevolence that comes with the character of Missy.

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