Doctor Who: The Legacy of Time (Limited Edition)

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An epic 6-part audio adventure celebrating 20 years of Doctor Who at Big Finish,
charting the efforts of the Doctor and their friends to avert a catastrophe on a universal scale.

The Eighth Doctor, River Song and Benny come together on a world of ruins, the Seventh Doctor and Ace have a reunion with the Counter Measures team across two decades at once, the Third Doctor is flung forward into 21st century UNIT with Kate Stewart, Osgood and Jo Jones in attendance, the Fifth Doctor has a flash-forward encounter with his daughter Jenny, the Sixth Doctor and Charley find DI Menzies in a temporally fractured London, and finally, events in the Fourth Doctor’s past catch up with Romana and Leela in Gallifrey’s present! It's the biggest crossover event in Doctor Who history, as scripted by the top tier of Big Finish's writing talent: James Goss (The Last Post), John Dorney (The Assassination Games), Guy Adams (UNIT: Assembled), Matt Fitton (Technophobia) and Jonathan Morris (Protect and Survive) - and presented here as an 8CD numbered limited edition in a deluxe slipcover format!

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