The Syndicate Master Plan Vol 1

Tom Baker (the Fourth Doctor), John Leeson (K-9) and Jane Slavin (new companion Ann Kelso) lead an impressive cast across four new adventures, including Mummy on the Orient Express’ Frank Skinner, Blake’s 7 alum Glynis Barber and Da Vinci’s Demons star Blake Ritson.

Uniformed police officer Ann Kelso is working her beat on the streets of London when she runs smack into an otherworldly man known as the Doctor. Together with the Doctor’s decidedly metallic dog K-9, they will encounter one of the founding mothers of computer science, visit a private zoo full of the most frightening predators in the galaxy, and begin to uncover a conspiracy that stretches deep into the Doctor’s past... After several seasons of playing it safe by sticking to TV companions, it’s time for a new dynamic in the Fourth Doctor’s TARDIS: enter Big Finish’s own creation, Ann Kelso. While previous series tended to consist of mostly standalone adventures, this new series incorporates an ongoing story arc – another sign that the Fourth Doctor range is moving on from pure nostalgia to something more ambitious.

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