The Comic Strip Adaptations Vol 1

This 5CD boxset sees the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) make new friends in the form of Roman robot Vesuvius (Toby Longworth) and plucky schoolgirl Sharon Davies (Rhianne Starbuck).

Two four-part adventures adapted from classic comic strips originally published in Doctor Who Weekly. In The Iron Legion, the Doctor becomes a fugitive in a parallel world ruled by a steampunk Roman Empire, while The Star Beast has the Doctor encounter a pair of suburban schoolchildren who have taken in a shipwrecked alien: a cute, fuzzy alien who couldn’t possibly be one of the most evil criminals in the known universe... At a time when Doctor Who outside of television was scarce, the writers of the comic dared to take Doctor Who as we know it and make is a little bit stranger, broadening the possibilities of what could be done. These audio dramatisations, adapted by experienced comics and audio writer Alan Barnes, flesh these stories out to allow the narrative to breathe and the characters to have more depth, whilst also staying faithful to the distinctive tone of the source material.

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