The Tenth Doctor Chronicles Vol 1

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Master impressionist and YouTube star Jacob Dudman both narrates these four adventures and gives a staggeringly good performance as the Tenth Doctor. Joining him are Jacqueline King as Sylvia Noble (aka Donna’s Mum) and Michelle Ryan returning to the role of Lady Christina de Souza!

Four new stories from throughout the Tenth Doctor’s life – there’s a rematch with the Slitheen alongside Rose, a twisty-turny time caper with Martha, strange goings on at a nursing home with Sylvia and an attempt to rescue endangered species leading to an unlikely reunion with Christina... If you’ve been hungry for more audio adventures with the Tenth Doctor then wait no further. The chronicle format is a great way to tell new stories with popular characters without having to rely on the availability of a specific actor. By all accounts, Jacob Dudman is a perfect fit, stepping effortlessly into the snazzy sneakers and pinstripe suit of the Tenth Doctor.

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