The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles Volume 1

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Jacob Dudman lends his considerable talents to this 4CD set, acting as narrator, the Eleventh Doctor and a host of other characters. He’s joined by familiar faces in Simon Fisher-Becker as Dorium Maldovar (A Good Man Goes to War) and Danny Horn as a young Kazran Sardick (A Christmas Carol).

Four new adventures for the Eleventh Doctor, each with a different companion. There’s the hunt for a killer fairytale with Amy, climbing to the top of a very strange giant tree with Kazran, the coming of an ancient force with Dorium and a case of history gone wrong with Clara - and Jane Austen...! This set showcases plenty of emerging writing talent that should bring something fresh to the Big Finish table. Chief vocal talent Jacob Dudman rose to internet stardom off the back of his Eleventh Doctor impressions on YouTube, and with Matt Smith still tied up in high profile acting projects this is likely the closest we will get to new full-on Eleventh Doctor Adventures for quite some time.

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