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UNIT veterans Jemma Redgrave and Ingrid Oliver return to the roles of Kate Stewart and Petronella Osgood, joined by Collateral’s Vineeta Rishi as new recruit Shana Siddiqui and a familiar face in Pik-Sen Lim as former Captain, now Doctor Chin Lee.

A Wirrn egg threatens to infect the heart of UNIT, Kate and Osgood are divided when the survivors of a crashed spaceship pose a moral dilemma, and a mental fortitude training retreat on a remote island hides a decades-old secret from UNIT’s past... This 5CD set series features the return of iconic intelligent insects the Wirrn (originally seen in The Ark in Space) and another parasitic organism in the shape of the Keller Machine (from classic Third Doctor tale The Mind of Evil). There’s also a new recruit in UNIT’s ranks, and a new threat in the Kalvyri, a species with a unique relationship with sound. With stories that examine the terrible choices that come with working for UNIT and delve into the team’s darkest fears, this set brings a strong psychological element to the usual UNIT action.

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