Torchwood One: Machines

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It’s back to the glory days of Torchwood London, led by Yvonne Hartman (Tracy-Ann Oberman) with the invaluable aid of her personal assistant, Ianto Jones (Gareth David-Lloyd). Joining the cast are the likes of Adjoa Andoh (best known as Martha Jones’ mum, Francine), Daniel Anthony (best known as Clyde Langer from The Sarah Jane Adventures) and WOTAN.

Three new adventures set before the Battle of Canary Wharf, united by the theme of machine technology. The Mayor of London has a new law enforcement initiative, a regular London office is about to experience a Torchwood-sized disruption and there’s a new boy in town by the name of Ianto Jones... This 3CD set takes ‘office life with aliens’ as its premise, serving up an updated WOTAN for the age of pervasive surveillance – the War Machines are now Law Machines – as well as Ianto’s first encounter with Torchwood, written by Gareth David-Lloyd himself!

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