Torchwood: God Among Us 2

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Torchwood Series 6 continues in this 4CD set, featuring the audio team of Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), Yvonne Hartman (Tracy-Ann Oberman), Mr Colchester (Paul Clayton), Ng (Alexandria Riley) and Tyler Steele (Jonny Green). They are assisted by the ever-reliable Sergeant Andy (Tom Price) as well the temporally displaced ‘50s Torchwood agent Norton Folgate (Samuel Barnett).

God lives in Cardiff, but the city is on a course for disaster. A new scheme targets the city’s most vulnerable citizens, a plane carrying dangerous cargo turns up decades after it disappeared, and some of the Torchwood team just aren’t feeling themselves... The latest series of Torchwood continues to escalate, with a diversity of storylines in this set – there’s the delicious prospect of a body-swapping episode at one end of the spectrum, and the examination of real-world social issues with a Torchwood twist at the other. With a mix of new writers (Lou Morgan, Ash Darby) and established Torchwood authors (Tim Foley, David Llewellyn) on duty, Torchwood should continue to be one of the most exciting ranges produced by Big Finish today.

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