Torchwood 4.4 Goodbye Piccadilly

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A Full Cast Audio Adventure on a single CD, starring Samuel Barnett as Norton Folgate and Tom Price as Sergeant Andy Davidson.

Strange things can be found on the streets of 1950s Soho: gangsters, alien artefacts, and a 21st century Welsh police officer are just the start of it... The comedic combination that made previous Torchwood adventure Ghost Mission a delight are reunited – Sergeant Andy playing the down-to-earth straight man opposite the morally ambiguous and camp-as-Christmas Norton. Writer James Goss has hit on the canny idea of inverting the premise of the previous Andy/Norton tale, bringing Andy to the ‘50s to act as Norton’s assessor. With Andy as a temporal fish out of water, this one has a flavour of ‘Torchwood does Life on Mars’.

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