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An original Audio Adventure on a single CD starring Tracy-Ann Oberman as Yvonne Hartman, guest starring Dan Starkey as Ross and Catrin Stewart as Meredith.

Searching for an alien artefact, Yvonne Hartman comes to a Cardiff in crisis – the mayor is dead, and a murderous alien stalks the streets. It’s only a matter of time before Yvonne finds herself caught up in bloodthirsty conflict... Big Finish and Torchwood veteran Joseph Lidster here shines a light on the cold, duty-bound Yvonne Hartman – an unusual yet inspired choice of character – proving that Big Finish are willing to go out on a limb so early on in their run of Torchwood plays. Tracy-Ann Oberman’s turn as the charismatic, in-over-her-head antihero is enthralling.

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