The Seventh Doctor New Adventures Vol 1

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A 5CD boxset starring Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor, featuring his original-to-prose companions Roz Forrester and Chris Cwej - a pair of 30th century Adjudicators who have a buddy-cop dynamic - brought to life by Yasmin Bannerman and Travis Oliver.

Four new scripts in the vein of the New Adventures – the books that kept Doctor Who going in the '90s after the classic series came to an end. There’s a chilling horror in a grieving household, a mathematical mystery on the fringes of the Second World War, a wartorn planet where towering robots patrol the surface for survivors, and a trial that could result in the Doctor losing the TARDIS forever. This set provides newcomers to the New Adventures with a opportunity to dip their toe into this often overlooked but highly influential era of Doctor Who’s history, while seasoned fans of the novels are sure to get a nostalgic hit. Big Finish have hand-picked a great line-up of writing talent – including Roz and Chris’ creator, Andy Lane – to continue the New Adventures ethos of bringing more breadth and depth to the Whoniverse.

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