Jenny: The Doctor’s Daughter

Georgia Tennant (nee Moffett) returns as Jenny, the progenated semi-clone offspring of the Tenth Doctor in this 5CD boxset. On her new journeys she picks up her own companion (Harry Potter’s Sean Biggerstaff) and faces the likes of amphibious arms dealer Garundel (Stuart Milligan) and new series favourites the Ood (Silas Carson).

Con jobs, revolutions, the depths of suburbia and strange goings on in space – it’s a big universe out there, and Jenny is ready to explore it... The creative team behind this new spinoff (led by Tenth Doctor Adventures writer Matt Fitton) have set out to make a series full of fun and excitement, making the best of Georgia’s own natural sense of humour. This 5CD set promises to take the naive youngster we saw in The Doctor’s Daughter and develop her into a witty, clever and charismatic adventurer – every inch her father’s daughter.

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