The Diary of River Song Series 4

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Alex Kingston returns as Professor River Song for another quartet of adventures. Joining her are the likes of Fenella Woolgar (Doctor Who’s Agatha Christie), Josh Bolt (Nowhere Boy) and a little-known actor by the name of Tom Baker...

When an archaeological expedition unwittingly unleashes demonic forces, it’s up to River to put a stop to them before all of time – not to mention her relationship with her husband – is unravelled. Along the way she’ll encounter her old academic rival, run for her life from her evil robot double and solve a murder mystery with absurdist author Franz Kafka...! The overarching villains of this series, the Discordia, are a brilliant concept – devilish time-pirates who manipulate history so the odds always fall in their favour. This 5CD set also features the long-awaited meeting of iconic curly-haired time travellers - the charismatic combination of Alex Kingston and Tom Baker is bound to be a memorable double act.

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