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The Diary of River Song Series 4

Alex Kingston returns as Professor River Song for another quartet of adventures. Joining her are the likes of Fenella Woolgar (Doctor Who’s Agatha Christie), Josh Bolt (Nowhere Boy) and a little-known actor by the name of Tom Baker…

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When an archaeological expedition unwittingly unleashes demonic forces, it’s up to River to put a stop to them before all of time – not to mention her relationship with her husband – is unravelled. Along the way she’ll encounter her old academic rival, run for her life from her evil robot double and solve a murder mystery with absurdist author Franz Kafka…! The overarching villains of this series, the Discordia, are a brilliant concept – devilish time-pirates who manipulate history so the odds always fall in their favour. This 5CD set also features the long-awaited meeting of iconic curly-haired time travellers – the charismatic combination of Alex Kingston and Tom Baker is bound to be a memorable double act.

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The Diary of River Song Series 3

This 5D set sees River Song (Alex Kingston) continue her backwards encounters with her husband, the Doctor (Peter Davison), whilst squaring off against her old foe Madame Kovarian (Frances Barber).

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Four new adventures for River, featuring a perennially forgetful husband, a murderer on the loose in 18th century Vienna, a planet that literally deals in death, and some unexpected ghosts from River’s past… This set focuses on some rich character material by delving into the scars of River’s past. The conflict between River and the Church, as led by Kovarian, felt somewhat unresolved at the end of Series 6 on TV, so this set should allow a deeper look at her relationship with the woman who tried to mould her into a weapon.

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