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The Diary of River Song Series 6

Alex Kingston returns as River Song in this latest 5CD set. Featuring Claudia Grant as Susan Foreman, Jamie Glover as Ian Chesterton and Jemma Powell as Barbara Wright (from the First Doctor Adventures) and Christopher Benjamin as Henry Gordon Jago.

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This four-part collection of stories has River travelling through the Doctor’s past in search of some valuable trinkets. River gets a job as a teacher at Coal Hill School, becomes an art thief in a deserted London, goes in search of precious miniscope parts and goes undercover at the Palace Theatre in Victorian London.

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The Diary of River Song Series 5

Alex Kingston stars in this 5CD set as River Song, the Doctor’s adventurous archaeologist wife, alongside Geoffrey Beevers as the Master, Eric Roberts as the Master, Derek Jacobi as the Master and Michelle Gomez as the Master Missy.

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A four-part anthology of adventures, with River facing a different incarnation of the Master in each. There’s a prison escape with Missy, an archaeological adventure with the decayed Master, a story of survival with the Bruce Master and a reckoning in deep space with the War Master… Each of the previous River Song series has featured the Doctor in some sense – this release sees River unshackled, going toe-to-toe with a big-name villain who is sure to give her a run for her money. Eric Roberts is on board in his first Doctor Who project since the TV Movie in 1996, and Michelle Gomez’s Missy becomes the first major Twelfh Doctor era character to receive the Big Finish treatment, lending this set an extra frisson of excitement.

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