Big Finish Early Adventures

EA 5.4 The Crash of the UK-201

This First Doctor adventure on a double CD features Maureen O’Brien as Vicki, with Peter Purves as Steven Taylor and the Doctor.

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Vicki Pallister wakes up in her own past – before the she met the Doctor, before the crash of the UK-201, before the death of her father. Now Vicki has a chance to change everything, but will her efforts to prevent one tragedy only cause another…? This tale’s time-bending premise affords a chance to revisit the origins of the character of Vicki. Seasoned Big Finish scribe Jonathan Morris (Protect and Survive, Static) is adept at integrating this kind of temporal trickery with strong character drama and so should bring Series 5 of the Early Adventures to a powerful conclusion.

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EA 2.3 The Black Hole

This Second Doctor adventure on a double CD stars Frazer Hines as Jamie McCrimmon and the Doctor, with Deborah Watling as Victoria and guest starring Rufus Hound as Constable Pavo.

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A deep-space habitat finds a black hole on its doorstep. With the lives of thousands in danger, the Doctor finds himself forced into an uneasy alliance… This daring release delivers a pre-War Games adventures featuring the Time Lords. How will the unlikely partnership of the anarchic Second Doctor and a Time Lord policeman play out?

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