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Two classic Doctor Who storylines from 1965, starring William Hartnell as the Doctor. In The Space Museum, the TARDIS and its occupants end up as an exhibit in a forgotten museum in the future. Then, in The Chase, the travellers are forced to flee in the TARDIS when they learn that a group of time-travelling Daleks are on their trail with orders to exterminate them...

This set is one of the last commercially available copies left in Australia.

Special Features for The Space Museum include: commentary, a re-evaluation of the story by Robert Shearman, Jessica Carney on her grandfather William Hartnell, the spoof 'A Holiday for the Doctor', and a photo gallery. Special Features for The Chase include: commentary, Dalek designer Raymond Cusick visiting the new series studios, a making-of documentary, the story of schoolteachers Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton, a Dalek retrospective, a merchandise retrospective, a documentary on the makers of many props and models for the 1960s Doctor Who, 8mm amateur film, Photo Gallery, Radio Times listings (PDF), Production Note Subtitles.

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