The Ark in Space: Special Edition

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The TARDIS lands on a space station orbiting Earth in the distant future, where the Doctor, Sarah and Harry soon discover that they are not alone. Thousands of humans are in cryogenic sleep, and while they’ve slept their Ark has been invaded. A parasitic insect race called the Wirrn has taken control and threatens the very future of mankind...

This upgraded DVD release features improved digital remastering and added bonus features.

Special features include: commentary, a making-of documentary, a special 70-minute repeat compilation of the story broadcast in 1975, a documentary examining the Virgin/BBC Books novelisation range produced during the 1990-2005 hiatus, 1978 news footage of Tom Baker’s public appearances in Northern Ireland, amateur film shot during Tom Baker’s first story, optional CGI effects, interview with designer Roger Murray-Leach, alternative title sequence and model footage, 3D technical schematics, TARDIS-Cam, photo gallery, production information subtitles, original BBC trailer, Radio Times listings, Doctor Who Technical Manual, Crosse and Blackwell and Nestle promotional material in Adobe PDF format,

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