Mortally weakened by the Spider Queen on Metebelis 3, the Doctor is forced to regenerate. His recuperation is cut short as UNIT investigate a spate of robberies involving components for a top-secret disintegrator gun. The culprit is quickly identified as a highly sophisticated robot built by Professor Kettlewell, which is being ordered to act against its Prime Directive.

Just how is the robot being used to carry out the sinister agenda of the Scientific Reform Society? And can the Doctor rescue Sarah from the robot's clutches and avert a nuclear war?

Special features include: digitally remastered picture and sound quality commentary, a documentary examining Tom Baker's introduction as the Doctor and the making of his first story, fraphic designer Bernard Lodge explaining how he created the complex opening titles for Tom Baker's stories, Blue Peter presented from the set of Robot, Radio Times listings (DVD-ROM PC/Mac), photo gallery, production subtitles.

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