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The Fourth and Seventh Doctors do battle with the deadly Cybermen in two classic adventures!

In Revenge of the Cybermen, the Doctor, Sarah and Harry arrive on the Nerva Beacon - a space station in the grip of a deadly plague that has wiped out most of its crew. But the Doctor soon comes to suspect that the 'plague' is no natural illness – and that some of his oldest and most fearsome foes are behind it...

In Silver Nemesis, it's 23 November 1988 and the Doctor and Ace must prevent the powerful Gallifreyan statue Nemesis from falling into the hands of three groups of villains: Lady Peinforte and her loyal servant Richard, who have travelled from the year 1638; Herr de Flores, who dreams of establishing the Fourth Reich; and the Cybermen, who plan to invade Earth.

Special features include: commentaries, making-of documentaries and photo galleries for both stories, an interview with Tom Baker, a feature on the fan practice of episode-swapping, deleted and extended scenes for Silver Nemesis, and trails and continuity announcements from the original transmission of Silver Nemesis.

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