Remembrance of the Daleks: Special Edition

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London, 1963, and the Doctor returns to Coal Hill School with his new companion Ace, where he has unfinished business. His oldest foes, the Daleks, are on the trail of Time Lord technology — an artefact the Doctor himself left behind on Earth.

Enlisting the assistance of the local military, the Doctor must protect the Gallifreyan secret of time travel as two opposing Dalek factions meet in an explosive confrontation, with the fate of the entire universe at stake!

This upgraded DVD release is an expanded 2-disc edition with digitally remastered picture and sound quality, plus added bonus features. It was previously released as part of the Davros Collection box set and is now one of the last commercially available copies left in Australia.

Special Features Include: commentary by Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred, interviews and discussions with cast and crew, rare behind-the-scenes material, an in-depth look at the history of Davros, a 5.1 mix, extended and deleted scenes, an introduction by Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred, outtakes, multi-angle sequences, trailers and continuity, an isolated music track, photo gallery, Radio Times billings, and production information subtitles (PDF).

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